Jutterstad Den Helder

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 Jutterstad Den Helder

 jutters die HakkuH

                                                 True to the Sound of the underground; Jutterstad!          

Jutterstad is one of the original and still remaining urban music movements.

As we have oure roots in the illigal old day's of hip hop and house-music we stayed true to oure roots.

This means we are one of the view, maybe even the only underground movement remaining from the very beginning.

Staying true to your roots does not mean you do not develope, so we take advantage of the new times and possibilities!!!

We use the internet to connect with people and free thinkers from all around the world and spread oure message in oure music so you can go out on it and loose your mind!


Jutterstad Den Helder contains many creative artist in many differences.

We produce oure own music not limited to any style or sound.

We produce oure own video-clips original and creative.

We produce oure own parties totally anticipated to the upcomed crowd!!

We mix and preform rather for private, illigal or regional.

We create oure own artwork etc. etc, etc.

We work together with anybody who's intentions are pure and upright.

We honour the ancient code of loyalty, dignity and freedom.

We stand for these values  as integrity and decency.

We support the international uprising of all commensence humanist people to see we all should live in equality and should share profit and cares equal.

We should honour all oure ancestors and protect all roots and cultures; all around the world!!!

We see the solutions to many problems but the first thing we must do is make everybody realise this economic dominated society and his system are bankrupt and have to be replaced for the ideals of the 60's.

We are social rebels in line of this revolution and true punks as punk warned all of you thirty years ago how  today would be.

But no one ever listened to young people, but they are the result of oure society, so to see what goes wrong you have to look at the young.

Traditions should be kept and honoured so the young know where they come from and who they should look up too and be thankfull too, instead of loosing their head on media hypes and mass hysteria or carreer and drugs!


It's time to get active and unite as they drive us into groups and make us fight eachother so they can steal, lie and cheat on us.

It's time for all people all over the world to live in freedom and sovereinity over their own lands.

We should first undo all historical unjust before we can all become one and unite.

Freedom of mind and freedom of thought means some real unspeakable things should be spoken.


This means we from Jutterstad never ever have the intent to offend, insult or disrespect anything or anybody.

Some items and thoughts maybe shocking as real freedom means you should also tollerate people with different views and values!

Remember if you allway's lived and believed in a lie it is extremely hard to believe the truth!


Let peace be with you, One Love! Jutterstad.


Jutterstad Den Helder produce into any kind of music; from reggea to punk or classic to acid!


To be free to produce you need your own free way to supply your audience!

We like to entertain people not exploit them.

So you can listen to allmost all of Jutterstad productions for FREE!!!

This means you can hear all oure song's and mixes for free to listen to, twenty four hours a day, seven day's a week on either; for songs; soundcloud and for oure mixes  on mixcloud.


We produce also exclusive tracks for people and organisations but also for oure own PD(DJ) sets.

To do this we run oure own non-profit underground record label; Texlo?r Neerlaad Maatschappij / Texlo Download Society.


Photo-shoot by Vinnie

Yama Kitty Fahn Fart Sama San

Ronin-Onin San

Video clip; Goodvibe

(Hardstijl in gabberhouse uitvoering)

Video clip; Something Gabber

Dit is de website van Jutterstad Den Helder.

Jutterstad Den Helder is een collectief gestart om het positieve talent van Den Helder in welke vorm dan ook te ontwikkelen.

De oprichters van het collectief zijn zij die trouw zijn gebleven aan de gabbercode van positiviteit, gelijkheid en multicultilariteit.

Wij steunen iedereen die op welke wijze dan ook een bijdrage leveren aan onze doelen.


Iedereen die zijn talenten wil ontwikkelen of een bijdrage wil leveren aan een beter Den Helder is welkom zich aan te sluiten bij ons collectief.

house, ragga en hip hop masse;


Politieke vleugel;